Villa Nagaputih

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We had a delightful stay in Villa Nagaputih, Ubud. Everything you could wish for in a relaxing retreat in the peaceful surrounds of the rainforest: the sound of a rushing river, bird calls and even an occasional sighting of blue kingfishers, monkeys or squirrels below. Check out the link for a more in depth look and you can also book … Read More


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Back in Bali once more, it was a lovely morning wakeup call for those still slumbering. An earthquake of several seconds rolled and rumbled its way through the land just minutes ago.

Off to Lombok

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After a delightful two days enjoying the atmosphere of Gili Air, Bob and I are off to Lombok later today.

Gili Air

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Bob and I travelled to Padangbai and caught Eka Jaya 23 to Bali Air yesterday. A great ride in the largest of the fast ferries – click the link for details. Found fantastic accomodation at Ky Gunaya Villa. Brand new and beautifully set up. Large rooms cater for bigger families and the price is fantastic. Can have meals prepared … Read More

Nungnung Falls, Bali

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We went on a motor to Nungnung Falls up in the mountains yesterday. So totally worthwhile. On arrival a seemingly neverending run of stairs led downward. Moss, lichen, ferns in all shades of deep vibrant greens, with an occasional splash of red creating a break. Stop a while to take in the beauty: peace only broken by the occasional puff of … Read More

Ubud, Bali

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Spending the next day with a friend at their villa just out of Ubud. Peaceful, relaxing as we listen to birdsong and the river racing below.

Sanur, Bali

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It was a short trip to Sanur. A beach market wandered through – the same old, same old. It is from here that a number of ferries depart for the various nearby islands. After picking up the bow line, into the shore they reversed. From our readings and observation, Scoot Fast Cruises appear to be the best. We could actually see some … Read More


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Heading toward Uluwatu Temple today, Bob found his favourite shop, the Blue Chateau – otherwise known as Carrefour. Thankfully, import duties in Indonesia are such that we came out empty handed! The temple itself is in a beautiful setting. As a sign of respect, one must don a wrap. Beware, the unaware female tourist!!!! Having entered the grounds Bob and I … Read More

Bali Exploration

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All the times we have visited Bali have seen us enjoying days of relaxing down time. In a first, Bob and I are here for two full months: a time in which we can alternate full on exploration with days of relaxation. Today was a day of action. Bob always takes pleasure in circumnavigating the islands which we visit. The … Read More