Flying Kiwi Cat


Bob and I met John and Leanne during our winter layover in Sicily.

Wanting a new experience, they made the decision to sell up, then returned to home and work.

During the interim, John and Leanne undertook a great deal of research before choosing to have their next yacht – a Balance 451 Catamaran – constructed.

Earlier this year, they departed Asia for the Philippines.

Theirs is an interesting tale during these Covid times, for on arrival they discovered lockdown was in effect world – wide.


‘WHAT!! A presidential decree had been issued the day prior locking down all ports as a COVID19 contingency response – unbeknown to us. Missed by 24hrs – what now?

Quote from: Flying Kiwi Cat Blogspot


The ‘Kiwi Cat Blog’, where Leanne and John regale us with their Philippines Covid experience is well worth a read.


Image: screensaved from Flying Kiwi Blogspot