A busy day for both of us. Bob and our assistant Hibron are working on transferring the diesel from the portside tank to the starboard in order to fix a leak, then move on to the engine later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, I am working on the photos and spiel whilst my shoulder and wrist continue their slow process of healing – the hard lesson of not standing directly in line with a winch whilst releasing the sheet has been learned).

An interesting experience for myself at the Elephant Park the other day. Feeling a crawling sensation on my arm, I pressed down on the area. Next minute, there was the most painful stinging sensation. Pulling the top down, the sting from a bee was visible. A half hour or so later the pain had disappeared and all was well, or so we thought.

Upon waking yesterday,  a large red itching rash had appeared, and over the duration of the day it grew, whilst a hard lump at its centre appeared. Despite taking both Zytec and Prednisalone (would have thought this combination taken so close together would have knocked me out, but it didn’t) the itch persisted.

A trip to the hospital’s emergency department last night where the doctor informed us it was infected: a course of both Bactroban and Celestamine is the result. NOT happy, Jan……….