Preparations for the move are coming along: food stowed, repairs made……

It’s now just wait for the weather window.

Video editing has commenced.

With some rain predicted, another visit to the parks is imminent: with water pooling in a region that is currently rain deprived, that’s when the animals appear. Our friends from Thor espied cheetahs and wild dogs last week. Touch wood for us……

We kept forgetting to put this on. It is the Cobb bbq. This is the small one, perfect for Gratis. South African made, it is of stainless steel. The Cobb operates like the Webber, but to our mind is much more practical. The beads are placed in the centre – only nine required in this one – which allows potatoes, corn cobbs etc to be baked whilst meat, or bread (and so on) is cooked on the plate. With a flat base and netting outer, the BBQ can be moved even whilst cooking. Accessories such as an extension that enables the raising of the dome lid, roast racks, griddles and so forth add to the product’s versatility.

Cost for it was $120AUD.

DSCN1853a  sig  72pix

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With the moving and upgrading of the site, only posts are the go at the moment. Just a short while to wait now.