Susea Spray is a little closer in the step of coming to fruition.

After days of study on various areas of the publishing world, a break from the grind of research and study was taken.

Kirsten Woodforth, professional photographer was welcomed onboard Australis 1 – thank you for the recommendation Louise (Louise Bagger Photography). Kirsten is lovely to work with. 

She also loves boating, and nature photography, so we had plenty to talk about: for someone who isn’t a big talker, that’s pretty good.

Bob was also great in the role of assistant.

For anyone looking for a photographer in the Lake Macquarie area, I highly recommend Kirsten.


In other news:

  • The tale of a big bat Boat, and a captain as brave as brave can be out on the rollicking frolicking sea is gradually coming together on the illustration and publishing front.
  • We are going down the self – publishing route.
  • Ideas for the appearance of the Susea Spray website are taking shape.
  • Work on ‘A Big Fat Boat and the Mighty Storm’ is progressing nicely.


…. the question is, what will a big fat boat look like?