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During the good times it may be easy, but realistically sailing is hard work. The months of preparation required to ensure all is safe and seaworthy, in addition to the consecutive days of maintaining 24 hour watch on the weather, sea state and ensuring one avoids unexpected masses leave the average sailor feeling drained, tired and utterly exhausted.

With that in mind, one may ask, ‘Why on earth do you do it?’

The answer is quite simple, really.

For Bob and I the lure of the sea is deep in our bones. The need to be out there is like a drug churning away deep inside of us.

In part, it’s the challenge of pitting oneself against the elements, but there is so much more:

  • The need for peace, quiet, solitude and open space.
  • The sound of the water as Gratis pushes her way through the swells.
  • The beauty of the vast expanse of the sea as the sun beams down her gleaming rays, followed by the moon’s silvery path lighting up the dark of the night.
  • Treading the shores of places so remote few have visited.
  • The wildlife.
  • The landscapes.
  • The people and cultures one meets.

Once in your blood, the lure of the sea leads you ever onward.

We three are only at the beginning of our adventures, and we invite you to follow us through our blog as we continue on our odyssey.