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Terneuzen, Netherlands to KYC Gent, Belgium Terneuzen, Netherlands to KYC Gent, Belgium

Unlike previous years, there are no set dates – besides departure to Oz, that is – ahead, so the aim is slow and enjoy. So, a lazy start behind us, mid – morning it was time to depart upon the Gent Terneuzen Canal for our second year running. From Vlissingen, this is the quickest way […]

Breskens to Terneuzen, Netherlands Breskens to Terneuzen, Netherlands

High tide at 2pm, it was a lackadaisical start to the day. Bob went overboard to clean the prop. Those winter months spent up on the hard to dry out in order for the repairs to be made also meant the antifoul dried and is no longer as effective as was. A quick refill. A […]

Breskens, Netherlands Breskens, Netherlands

Bike ride around the countryside, which is a mix a waterways and farming land, with dikes made of sand dunes up to 4m high protect the coastline from storm surge inundation. Just for Terry, who loves unicorns. There is an interesting history to do the Battle of the Scheldt in WWII. The Battle for the […]

Vlissingen to Breskens, Netherlands Vlissingen to Breskens, Netherlands

In the latest start of the summer season, this was the day that Gratis departed Vlissingen, setting forth to continue our travels through Belgium. Light winds predicted on the morn, an early start was the go. A short motor of 9km across to Breskins which was situated on the Westerschelde: practically opposite our winter home. […]

A Busy Time A Busy Time

It has been a busy few weeks for us. A quick trip down to Southern France to check out the mast. It’s there, and now Bob is looking for a carrier to bring it to Vlissingen. A quick trip into Italy. Wow Factor! I lost count of the tunnels and bridges. A detour through Pisa […]