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Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.

Onward we Sail

After a washing machine sail, we and Gratis had a night stopover in southern Sardinia whilst some stronger winds passed by. Heading out now for a 1.5 day sail to Sicily.

Departure today

Exquisite weather for the next few days. Heading 5nm south to our final French port in order to visit customs, then heading SE for a 3-4 day sail.

Departure to Turkey

Weather looking good. Departure for Turkey will be either today or tomorrow. All depends upon whether the Capitainerie and customs are open today.

Back on Big G

After a wonderful few days in the wondrous city of Barcelona, we are now on board Big G, ready for the next leg of our adventure.

Le Cap d’Agde to Port Barberousse

Gratis was back on the water. Sadly, no the weather wasn’t as predicted. Wind on the nose and motored all the way. With winds strengthening up to 30+ knots we headed into the marina at Port Barberousse. On awaking this morning, the weather report predicts 35+ knots and up to 5m waves from the south. No sailing […]

Awaiting the Weather

  The wind ablew 25 – 35 knots during the past 24 hours: yet more is predicted. Gulls had fun catching food floating upon the water. Hoping to depart for Spain early tomorrow morning. Tom went diving to check the prop yesterday. This is what he found, compliments of the canal: no wonder Gratis had issues at […]

Gratis ready for the Mast

Mast not off Big G yet. The guy had been on holiday and yesterday was his first day day back: it should all happen today. New wire has been placed in the Gennie furler: the lock wall did a small amount of damage.

Le Grau d’ Agde

The Midi is behind us for the year and we are moored alongside a restaurant at Le Grau d’Agde. For the first time in a few months, we are actually feeling significant movement beneath Gratis.

Pont Vieux de Vias

This sight tickled our fancy on the way to Vias yesterday.   A peaceful anchorage for the next few days. Sunday will see us heading through what is called the ‘Round Lock’ onto the Herault River for a 5km motor to Grau Agde where the mast will be reinstalled on Monday/Tuesday.   A sad sight […]

Le Somail

  One of the overflows passed yesterday. Tonight we are in Le Somail. Here there is a second hand bookshop where one will discover both used and rare books. In excess of 5000 lined the shelves. There has been a change in the country side. Well over 10000 diseased four hundred year old Flame Trees have been removed. […]

One Word


A Different Midi
Departing Carcassonne

We depart Carcassonne today. Will be in Agde putting the mast back on by the end of the week.

Grotto de Limousis

20 minutes to the north of Carcassonne is this breathtaking natural wonder of five caverns full of spectacular formations. At the source of the Midi: Prise d’Alzeau.

Chateau de Peyrepertuse

Another full day, Chateau de Peyrepertuse was one of the highlights. Situated thousands of metres above the plateau the view was breathtaking!!!


Yesterday saw us head to Agde  to check out the details for raising the mast. We also found the time to head down past Narbonne to Salses where we saw a new type of fort that came about as a result of the invention of gunpowder.


  A drive through the Black Mountains took us through beautiful scenery to Albi. It’s Unesco world heritage is quite plain in this outside, but rich in colour inside.

Ariège Pyrenees

A wonderful afternoon with some exceptioanl sights.   This was Mirepoix, with its overhanging buildings. Off to the north and Albi, Unesco World Heritage listed.

Exploration Commences Today

(We call this the Hobbit door.) Yesterday Bob completed altering the port side bunk: wider and longer, a much more comfortable bed when at sea. The spiels and pics are still slowly coming along. Today, we collect our hire car and head out on an afternoon of exploration further out.