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Terneuzen, Netherlands to KYC Gent, Belgium Terneuzen, Netherlands to KYC Gent, Belgium

Unlike previous years, there are no set dates – besides departure to Oz, that is – ahead, so the aim is slow and enjoy. So, a lazy start behind us, mid – morning it was time to depart upon the Gent Terneuzen Canal for our second year running. From Vlissingen, this is the quickest way […]

Breskens to Terneuzen, Netherlands Breskens to Terneuzen, Netherlands

High tide at 2pm, it was a lackadaisical start to the day. Bob went overboard to clean the prop. Those winter months spent up on the hard to dry out in order for the repairs to be made also meant the antifoul dried and is no longer as effective as was. A quick refill. A […]

Breskens, Netherlands Breskens, Netherlands

Bike ride around the countryside, which is a mix a waterways and farming land, with dikes made of sand dunes up to 4m high protect the coastline from storm surge inundation. Just for Terry, who loves unicorns. There is an interesting history to do the Battle of the Scheldt in WWII. The Battle for the […]

Vlissingen to Breskens, Netherlands Vlissingen to Breskens, Netherlands

In the latest start of the summer season, this was the day that Gratis departed Vlissingen, setting forth to continue our travels through Belgium. Light winds predicted on the morn, an early start was the go. A short motor of 9km across to Breskins which was situated on the Westerschelde: practically opposite our winter home. […]

A Busy Time A Busy Time

It has been a busy few weeks for us. A quick trip down to Southern France to check out the mast. It’s there, and now Bob is looking for a carrier to bring it to Vlissingen. A quick trip into Italy. Wow Factor! I lost count of the tunnels and bridges. A detour through Pisa […]

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2018 Journey on Maps Vlissingen, Netherlands to Paris, France Return to Vlissingen, Netherlands   Maps used come from Tom Sommers books on France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Peronnes, France to Vlissingen, Netherlands Peronnes, France to Vlissingen, Netherlands

The first of October brought the first of the chilling wind and rain that foretold the coming of Winter: ‘bone numbing’ were the words to describe it. Winter woollens and rain jackets came out, but for those out on the helm, there was nothing to stop that aching chill. Passing through the final tunnel of […]

Antwerp Churches, Belguim Antwerp Churches, Belguim

All museums are closed on Mondays, so today was church day: Cathedral of Our Lady, St James, St Charles Barromeo and St Pauls. It was a study in art for us, as each contained paintings by Rubens and other famous Belgian artists. Descent of Man 1611 – 1614 Resurrection of Christ  1611 – 1612 In addition, […]

Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium

This day saw us re – entering Belgium, via the Schelde – Rijn Canal. One easy lock, One of the reasons why a boat must be secured. and a lifting bridge or two made for an easy 40km or so motor. Large ships were towed in by tug. The building at the bridge […]

Bergen op Zoom: Brabant, Netherlands Bergen op Zoom: Brabant, Netherlands

First thing this morning, the water came alive with the sound of the young as they prepared the steel dinghies and took to the water. Our last day in Bergen op Zoom finally presented us with one of sunshine and we made the most of it. At the Ravelijn Op den Zoom, Bob and I […]

Sint Gertrudiskerk, Bergen op Zoom: Zeeland, Netherlands Sint Gertrudiskerk, Bergen op Zoom: Zeeland, Netherlands

On entering the church (how was this for a doorknob!), Bob and I had the opportunity to climb the 150+ steps of the spiral staircase to partake in the panoramic view. It was well worth the effort, as we found ourselves espying Antwerp far in the distance from the top of the fourteenth century tower. […]

Bergen op Zoom: Zeeland, Netherlands Bergen op Zoom: Zeeland, Netherlands

Situated just 42km from Antwerp, the town Bergen op Zoom is in the perfect position for sightseeing. From the marina, it is a short four minute bike ride, or fifteen for the walker, into the town centre. Despite its canal network being filled in during the nineteenth century in conjunction with the growth of the […]

Terneuzen to Bergen op Zoom, Terneuzen to Bergen op Zoom,

In conversations with locals regarding entry to marinas via the locks of the tidal Westerschelde, we were informed it was only possible at set times so two other options were left to us. Returning to Ghent then heading east, or retracing our steps north to Bergen op Zoom then head south to Antwerp. Surprisingly, the […]

Back in the Netherlands and Last of Ghent Online Back in the Netherlands and Last of Ghent Online

With the fuel barge not open to customers on Sundays and the Netherlands proving to have the best price, to Terneuzen Bob and I have returned, and shall remain for a few additional unexpected days. It seems that this is the year for items to break down. Late Saturday evening, the fridge had a hissy […]

Terneuzen, Netherlands to Ghent, Belgium Terneuzen, Netherlands to Ghent, Belgium

Today was the day! By day’s end Gratis would be in Belgium. What excitement! The land of Belgian chocolate, Flanders Fields, Belgian beer and more!!!!!!! It was a pleasant 40km motor upon a waterway that was practically empty of commercial barges: it was Sunday and most – including the fuelling station just outside Terneuzen – […]

Wemeldinge to Terneuzen Wemeldinge to Terneuzen

Today, the 9th June, found Bob and I arising to yet another foggy morning – last year it was rain, this year it’s fog: not that we are complaining. We will take fog over rain any day! Having lost a week, and already being a little behind in the itinerary, the decision was made to […]

Wemeldinge to Tholen: Zeeland, Netherlands. Wemeldinge to Tholen: Zeeland, Netherlands.

28th May to 2nd June, 2018 Kapelle, Nisse Our ride today, took us along the banks of the Zuid Beveland Canal, before the bike way turned to lead us through beautiful farming country, the roadsides of which were bordered by masses of tiny flowers in bloom. Kapelle Upon passing through a cooling woods, the township […]

Tholen to Wemeldinge: Netherlands Tholen to Wemeldinge: Netherlands

It’s been one of those unplanned weeks where the unexpected took place. With Gratis’ insurance due, Bob looked around and found a company in the Netherlands that is much cheaper than using those in Australia and so forth. The only stipulation was that to have full coverage for the hull, we had need to lift […]

Vlissingen to Wemeldinge: Zeeland, Netherlands Vlissingen to Wemeldinge: Zeeland, Netherlands

Week 4 22nd to 27th May, 2018 The happenings this week are quite depleted, since our time was occupied with tidying, cleaning and restocking Gratis. However, that aside, the good news is, we are now underway!   Vlissingen to Middelburg Saturday, what a glorious day we had for the commencement of the year’s cruising. Awaking to […]

Week 3: Vlissingen, Netherlands Week 3: Vlissingen, Netherlands

How the weeks are flying by. It’s difficult to believe it’s been three weeks since we returned to Europe. A burst of cold weather found us glad to be indoors as Bob and I continued working on the renovations. Monday the outer frame work was installed. Tuesday I took a bit of time out as Bob […]