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Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.

Flores, the Azores to La Rochelle, France

Departing the Azores on the 13th June, as trips went this was the gentlest with very little sailing undertaken at all. With a high centred over the Azores, there was either no wind, or a gentle Zephyr upon the nose. A one week sail became two of constant motoring. Excitement???? Some days out, stealthily creeping […]

Marina Lajes das Flores, the Azores

With a high probability that the weather would continue in its current form of refusing to perform as predicted, refuelling was a must if we were to arrive in La Rochelle, France, on time to meet with our friends Anne and Cliff. Winds and sea conditions having significantly abated over – night, after the first […]

Flores, The Azores

The Isle of Flowers, the western most island of the Azores, arose out of the grey enshrouding mist. A welcoming haven from the on the nose 25 – 35 knot easterly. The wind strength and sea conditions were such, that the approach to the marina would have been treacherous, so we anchored in the protected […]

Guadeloupe to Flores, the Azores

Guadeloupe Marina Departure for France took place on the 19th May and what a slow, monotonous sail it was! Seas flat calm upon departure, was the name of the game of that first week. The winds wouldn’t play and light as they were insisted on pushing us ever westward. With a tight time line, Big Bertha was […]

Ready to Depart

Gratis is ready to depart for La Rochelle

Saint Helena to Barbados

Departing Saint Helena for Barbados on April 1st, as ocean crossings go, this leg was a breeze! 28 days, a slow average of 5 knots due to extremely light winds: what a change. Where light winds had prevailed on previous legs, slight adjustments had been made to the course in an attempt to keep with the stronger winds […]

Saint Helena Information

Arriving: Ship: RMS St Helena comes to the island once a month and brings with her passengers and the island’s food supplies. This will end with the opening of the airport. Cruising Yacht: Moorings are available, thereby providing security against the anchor dragging in that is deep water and rolling conditions wherein the boat is […]

Saint Helena Visions

This morning there was time to amble and take pics of Jamestown, Saint Helena. We loved some of the signs. Colours, tones, textures and age:

Depart for Grenada

A pleasant day was spent discovering St Helena: a tip to all visitors, ensure you allow 1 – 2 weeks to do the island justice. With time short for us, this was only an enticement that ensures we shall return. We shall work on the images and spiels for our St Helena page during our next sailing leg. […]

Saint Helena Tour

  As with all the small islands visited, St Helena had a mild climate controlled by the surrounding ocean and the trade winds: in this case, the combination of the South Atlantic high pressure and equatorial trough. The best way of exploring the island was by foot, but for those of us unable to to […]

Royal Mail Ship Delivery, Saint Helena

The monthly excitement for the island as not one, but three ships anchored off shore: the Royal Mail, the fuel tanker and that transporting all items required for he building of the airport.

Landfall made in St Helena

Gratis and her crew moored only metres from the St Helena shoreline last night. Exquisite here. We commence exploring tomorrow. With just a few days in which to do so we can’t promise a lot of pics until we arrive in the Caribbean.

Saint Helena Water Taxi

After a peaceful night in which the murmur of the waters as they rolled and met the cliff lulled us into a deep relaxing slumber, we awoke refreshed as the morning light of the sun rose above the mountains, creating a pastel rainbow of rose pinks upon the cloud. With the heating of the land, […]

Cape Town to Saint Helena, Day 15

St Helena, created more than fourteen million years ago by volcanic eruptions, was in sight upon the horizon soon after the passing of dawn. The island, inch by inch, became more pronounced as each hour passed. The highest peak of an ancient volcanic mountain range, she was enshrouded by the misty haze of the tropical […]

South Africa to Saint Helena, Day 12

  Yes, he did it! A solution for the twins!! Two U Bolt through mast head, attached to which was a 12mm eye bolts to which a block was attached. Winched up the mast, Bob made the repairs and those monoliths flew once more – until this day, that was. Only hours into daylight disbelief […]

South Africa to Saint Helena, Day 10

Fishing stories this trip were the tales of the ones that got away. Behemoths aplenty resided well below the surface of the seas we discovered, as time and again fishing tackle went missing in great numbers. Two of the lures remained behind to tell the story: one scarred deeply as razor sharp teeth etched trails […]

South Africa to Saint Helena, Day 6

The first days out, winds were sublime. Late afternoon upon us this particular day, we were both in the galley, me preparing tea and Bob procuring an afternoon drink when the emission of a loud popping sound, followed in its wake by a muffled thud, promptly caught our attention. Whilst Bob raced upstairs, I rapidly […]

South Africa to Saint Helena, Day 2

Excitement of the day occurred first thing. Upon awakening, I entered the pilot house as the whirring of the fishing line commenced. Mental faculties poorly operating as a result of sleep deprivation, looking at Bob the only sounds emitted from my mouth were, ‘Fish! Fish! Fish………….’ Bob glanced askance at me, with total lack of […]

South Africa to Saint Helena Day 1

The one thing we discovered about Cape Town, was that there was no in between when it came to the wind: it was either blowing a gale or absolutely nada. One could also be in Cape Town with the wind at Force one, and around the corner at the Cape of Good Hope it would […]