Excitement of the day occurred first thing. Upon awakening, I entered the pilot house as the whirring of the fishing line commenced. Mental faculties poorly operating as a result of sleep deprivation, looking at Bob the only sounds emitted from my mouth were, ‘Fish! Fish! Fish………….’

Bob glanced askance at me, with total lack of comprehension. I repeated, ‘fish, fish, fish,’ while simultaneously pointing out doors.

Another round and yet another, poor Bob could still not catch on to my meaning. It was only upon at last stringing the words.’ Fishing line going,’ into a comprehensible phrase that the penny struck and the light bulb lit behind his eyes.

Popping up, door opened, with enthusiasm out he raced. Rod soon in hand, the speed at which the catch was reeled in was almost a letdown. Much, much smaller than the Wahoo, the yellow tailed Kingfish was a perfect size, with no parts wasted. ‘A pity,’ said the birds soaring in wake around Gratis.

What a mouth – watering, juicy succulent meal was this fellow!

Time have have fun with water shots: