After two and a half long Covid years we have returned to our beautiful old girl, Gratis.

It’s just a short six week trip this time. Enough to clean her up, then back to Oz until the 2023 European season.

Amid bouts of cold, rain and the occasional thunderstorms,

lots of elbow grease later,

our girl is ready to continue her odyssey once more.

The past few days, the weather was such that there was time for some bike riding.

We even discovered what we think is the prettiest part of Zeeland.

With horse riding trail, bike and walking paths there was something for everyone.


How is this for a small fishing boat. A youngster owns it.

As always, the small touches really make the experience for us.

Our time for the 2022 European travel year has sadly come to a close as our departure time draws ever closer.

For now, we are pondering what 2023 will bring…