There are numerous items that make life much easier. You may find some of them handy to use, both on and off boats.



Just as good for cleaning the boat as it is in the house.

Eucalyptus Oil

Is great for killing dust mites.

For items thoroughly covered in dust, 30mls mixed with a bit of water and placed in the washing machine with the wash powder works wonders and leaves the clothes with a beautiful fragrance. Otherwise 10mls mixed with water and placed in the wash is fine for a regular wash.

Place 30mls in a spray bottle with water and spray on mattresses, pillows etc.

Also fantastic for helping to remove sikaflex

You can purchase eucalyptus oil in bulk quantity from:

Yesteryear Plantations at:

Andrea is exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus at:

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

Is fantastic for killing mould spores. 1 teaspoon per cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray it on the mouldy surface and leave it there. It kills the mould and stops it from returning.

Tea tree oil can be purchased in bulk from Emu Ridge and Yesteryear Plantations. Web addresses on Eucalyptus oil page.

Although it wasn’t listed in their product range, Yesteryear Plantations sold us 5 litres  in bulk. Andrea is fantastic.

‘Melaleuca oil is renowned for its natural antiseptic qualities; with activity against many commonly occuring pathogens and fungi. It is effective against many skin, throat and mouth baterions. It is also effective against common fungal infections such as ringworm and tinea, where the oil can be applied directly to the affected skin, as well as the yeast infection candida albicans.

Tea Tree Oil is ideal for all kinds of cuts and abrasions and has been used successfully in the treatment of burns and acne. It has the desirable quality of penetrating deeply into infected tissue and pus, acting on the source of the infection and then leaving a clean, healthy surface. Whilst acting on bacteria and fungi, Tea Tree Oil does not harm healthy tissue, hence it promotes healing. Consequently, it is of special value as a skin antiseptic and is effective against boils and carbuncles. The oil is applied externally.

Tea Tree Oil is used in the manufacture of toiletry and health care products such as antiseptic creams, ointments, medicated shampoos, soaps, deodorants, mouth washes, and in pet products such as dog shampoos to name a few. The oil was used as a flavouring agent, particularly as an additive to nutmeg oil.’ Quote from Yesteryear Plantations


CAMERAS (waterproof)

These are just two that are available. Already having a range of Nikon products, I chose to keep with this brand.

Nikon Coolpix

Fully automated in all ways. A 12 volt battery charger can be purchased.

For the price, it’s brilliant for aim and shoot. Quite a few of the images on the blog have been taken with it.


Nikon 1AW1

Update: Having lost my first of these cameras to water damage I would not recommend this camera for underwater work. Since its release many consumers have experienced this issues through no mistake upon our parts. This issue aside, it is still a great camera for shooting anywhere else.

The 1Awa has two interchangeable waterproof lenses and it is possible to purchase a 12 volt battery charger.

With the purchase of an adaptor, it is possible to use the lenses from other nikon camera product lines on this camera.

Taken with the 1AW1
Taken with the 1AW1
Taken with the 1AW1
Taken with the 1AW1

DSC_0237a 800pix DSC_0174 a 800pix DSC_0161a vig sig 800pix


Skorts: I have discovered these are the best thing since sliced bread.

Shorts and jeans are quite constrictive movement wise, in addition to being quite hot to wear, whilst skirts are so impractical.

The blend of shorts and skirt made into one piece from lycra, means one isn’t hindered movement wise and ensures decency when bending etc, whilst the outer skirt look allows you to still retain that feeling of feminity.



Here’s a link if you interested in knowing a little about them:Exploring the Houtman Abrohlos Islands:



Bellman’s Cappuccino maker

For those wishing to have that perfect cup of coffee, this is the perfect compromise. Stainless steel equals rust proof.

Making 9 cups, it’s a compact machine that we heat on the gas stove, and it has an inbuilt steamer for frothing the milk.

Excellent for those short on space


Kenwood mini mixer

 A small handheld mixer with a lot of oomph. Brilliant for meringues and cakes. It also has dough hooks.



Being new to Video Editing, I was feeling great frustration at how difficult and non – newbie friendly the editors could be.

At last I hit the jackpot!

Movavi Video Editor is simple to use and provides great ‘how to’ instructions.

Additional editing products are also available.

A free trial is provided, but with some options not provided within this, for the price I went ahead and purchased anyway.



Towels made from bamboo are amazing.

They soak up much more water than a regular towel and are exceptionally soft. For dishes, this means less towels used, whilst for body towels you dry much more quickly.

Although more expensive than your regular towel, it is well worth the price.

Just one site:



Entering Unfamiliar Ports

Radio ahead to confirm whether conditions have changed.

Local knowledge of an area is well worth taking note of. These people have generally spent a life time sailing their locals waters and know them like the back of their hand.



Hand Held VHF Marine Radios

These are a must.

Regardless of where we are on Gratis, Bob and I are now capable of doing with ease anything that requires communication. Anchoring or mooring is done with such ease.



Many regions, particularly in Australia, have areas of coast that require shallow keeled boats, and in some instances (i.e. Coral Bay) motors are not allowed.

To cater for this, a dinghy that is set for both motoring and sailing is a must. An additional plus is that this smaller craft which requires a much faster reaction time, is the way in which to truly learn how to handle a sailing yacht, and therefore how to sail.


Float Collars for dinghies




PVC Pipe

Cans can be stored in pvc pipe and packed either horizontally or vertically for easy reach. With a range of pipe diameters almost all can sizes will fit within.

Thick Socks

Are brilliant for storing glass jars or bottles to help prevent breakage.

Buono Net (like used for packing oranges etc)

This is also good for storing cans (in bilges) and medications in long tubes.

Zip Lock Bags

Provide water proofing for medications etc. Our medications are then packed into the net tubes and placed in the bilge – coolest place on the boat.

Vaccuum Bags (food)

For longer life we use this method to seal fresh meats, cakes and slices.


A cheap way of keep fruits and vegetables fresh via gas absorption technology.

We love the system and food certainly lasts longer.

Also can be purchased on ebay