Christmas 2020

Is it really a month since the last post?

What a mad December it has been!

Appointments, visits with family and friends and Christmas preparations and working on that backlog of Blog posts. Now that the mad season is over, I should be able to get on track once more.

There was also the cooking….


and mains

Christmas Eve, Naomi and Tom joined us. Naomi’s Cannoli were apparently to die for. I have to try a gf/df version. Then there were the DF/Gf home made Rocky Road, Violet Crumble Truffles, Honey Comb and Marshmallow. What a way to finish off the meal after roast turkey and chook.

Bob and I joined my sister and her special girl for a game of mini golf. I still have difficulty believing I finished on top and beat guess who.


Returning to 2019, the last of our sojourn in France is now all online. Click on the links below for the read.

Calais to Arques


Arques to La Bassee