Eurometropolis Blue Park Eurometropolis Blue Park

L’Escale Forestiere L’Escale Forestiere

L’Escale forestière French Version English Translation   Scarpe – Escaut French Version English Translation   Scheldt Plains Nature Park French Version English Translation      

The Week That Was 12 The Week That Was 12

Christmas 2020 Is it really a month since the last post? What a mad December it has been! Appointments, visits with family and friends and Christmas preparations and working on that backlog of Blog posts. Now that the mad season is over, I should be able to get on track once more. There was also […]

There Is Nothing Worth Doing…….. There Is Nothing Worth Doing……..
Barge Association Barge Association

Also Known as the DBA   The Barge Association is for people wanting to cruise Europe’s inland waterway system. Formed in 1992 by non – commercial barge owners, the site provides a plethora of information on a range of topics, including: guide books training purchasing a barge safety regulations communications electrical mechanics No matter where […]

Cleats Cleats

A fitting attached to which lines and ropes are secured. Found on boats, pontoons or berths in all shapes and sizes.

The Week That Was 11 The Week That Was 11

And an interesting week it has been……..   We visited our friend who is creating the artwork for the picture book. Wow, is the word! The images are going to be stunning. A Covid outbreak resulted from a worker in a quarantine hotel breaking protocol. Another person lied and the state was put into lockdown […]

Admiral Karyle Admiral Karyle

Also Known As: chief cook, photographer, writer and blogger   First sailed at the age of 13. The priority of getting an education took over. 2010: started learning to sail with the intention of buying my own yacht.   Dinghy Sailing: Levels 1 & 2 MF-HF Marine Radio Certificate Boat License SA Competent Crew Helming […]

Captain Bob Captain Bob

Otherwise Known As: Mr Fix It   Captain Bob has been sailing since the age of 14. Yacht Master’s Certificate: Offshore and Ocean Going

We Can’t Control the Wind We Can’t Control the Wind

Quote of the Week

Dover Castle and Other Sights Dover Castle and Other Sights

For more information on this amazing site with its 2000+ years of history, click on the link below. With more than two days’worth of things to see, the castle is well worth a visit. Dover Castle     Dover Sight Seeing    

Women Who Sail Women Who Sail

Women Who Sail is for women only. Founded in 2011, this is the largest online sailing group for women and one I would recommend joining. For both the experienced and novice, one can share information, ask questions and support each other. It is a group that does not accept racism, sexism or bullying. Found on […]

The Week That Was 10 The Week That Was 10

It’s been a hectic few weeks as we work around appointments and so forth. The long and the short of it is there isn’t a great deal of news to write about. The result is that I am running a few days behind with Monday’s posting. There has been time to fit in the uploading […]

Tender and Painter Tender and Painter

The Tender is a ship’s dinghy. The painter is the rope tied to the bow of the tender. It is used for tying the tender to a dock, jetty or boat.    

Australian Gluten Free Life Australian Gluten Free Life

Three new magazines. I can see a cooking fest coming on……. These books are fantastic! Including up to date articles about recent research results on diet, food and health issues, they are more than just a recipe magazine.   You can even find them on Facebook.   Click the link below to read more. Australian […]

Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Exhibition Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Exhibition

Well worth a visit if you are in the vicinity. Click the link below to see the Museum website.   Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Exhibition    

With Every Drop Of Water You Drink… With Every Drop Of Water You Drink…

Quote of the Week

Ancient Peoples of Britain Ancient Peoples of Britain

BBC – History – Ancient History in depth_ Peoples of Britain   An interesting read for those who are interested.   From: BBC UK History

Noonsite Noonsite

Its headline, ‘Noonsite the Ultimate Cruisers Resource’, says it all. In its 20th year, for the cruising sailor, Noonsite is a must have resource. The site has information on practically everything a cruising sailor requires: learning to sail; boat registration; cruising information such as anchorages, navigation, and apps; piracy; trip planning; and more. During COVID, […]

Clutches Clutches

Clutches are used instead of cleats. They have toothed plates that keep the rope (halyards/sheets) locked in place. When the handle is up, the rope is free to move. When the handle is down, the toothed plates lock the rope in place. If there is an emergency, it is easy to release the rope by […]