Packing Up and Finishing off for the 2020 Season



No outings this week, since pack up is well underway and Bob is madly working on completing numerous small jobs he wants done.



It’s incredible how often the weather bypasses the Newcastle area.

First off was a new door handle to our bathroom, but with fine weather now returned, that is yet to be completed.

It’s always safer to have a winch to which the main sheet can be attached when it is under load.

Bob loves his little home made work bench.

Another job done!

An old winch place on the mast

had a larger winch from the stern attached to it.

A bit of a tweak to see if the rope jaws would hold better. Not much, so another swap will take place sooner than later. It’s hard, slow work winching whilst simultaneously working the rope with the spare hand. We can’t have it releasing when Bob is up the mast.

A garbage collector was an interesting distraction for a short while.

Up the mast went Bob once more. Measurements taken of the mast, genoa and staysail, then a line with a weight lowered down inside the mast. That will be used to set up the new main halyard.

Measuring of size,

and a trial run to ensure he had the bit sizes correct,

then jammers were installed to work in place of the old cleats when under load.



The large Sunbonnets are now all tacked. The past week has been spent cutting the paper patterns required for the animals.

Hours to date? 100+


Blog Post Updates

With preparations for our return home well underway, there has only been time for one blog upload from our travels through France last year. We hope you enjoy the read and photos of our trip to this fortified Medieval township.

Boulogne – Sur – Mer, France

Boating Articles

I have asked Bob if he can think about using his expertise and knowledge to write some articles for the blog. You never know, once back home, he may have some time!


In the meantime, if you are new to the site, you may be interested in the dinghy collars he made.

Just click on the link below:

Making of the perfect Yacht Tender



We hope you are enjoying the way we now do the blog news setup. Feedback would be most welcome.