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2016 2016

From Mittelland Kanal to Havel Canal through lake district to Potsdam in August, then Potsdam to Zehdenick, September. Car journeys Nancy, France to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and return Potsdam, Germany to Poland and Return  

2017 Journey 2017 Journey

Preparing this year’s route from Spandau, Germany to Basel, Switzerland. We thought the mapping for last year was a bit tricky. Working out the best route through Holland and Belgium is even more difficult! It turns out, the shortest route is heading upstream via mostly rivers. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Maybe not the fastest after all. Need to […]

Schengen, Luxembourg to Schweich, Germany Schengen, Luxembourg to Schweich, Germany

Coffee was had amidst the rocking swells created by the passing barges. This was the land of the grapes. Hillsides steep, the vines grew in neat as a pin soldier – like lines. Sadly, our planned stopover at the entrance to the Syre Gorge, Luxembourg, didn’t eventuate. On arriving at the entrance, it was with […]

Metz, France to Schengen, Luxembourg Metz, France to Schengen, Luxembourg

A long day that saw us arrive on the outskirts of the small country town of Schengen, the town where numerous European countries met to write up the Schengen Agreement. One important aspect for the traveller is the time allowed in each country that signed on and became a member of the Schengen agreement. If […]

Pont a Mousson to Metz, France Pont a Mousson to Metz, France

A distance of thirty kilometres travelled on this morning found us in Metz, a town with 3,500 years of history. Each invasion that took place saw alterations of one kind or another, and sadly much of the visual history had vanished into the annals of time. Metz, the Township Commencing life as a small Celtic […]

Nancy to Pont a Mousson, France Nancy to Pont a Mousson, France

An easy run – except for the water hose to the engine popping off a few times before Bob discovered the reason, fantastic locks. Gratis is now upon the Moselle. During our travels, we came across workers upon a barge sandblasting one of the bridges.

Nancy to Pont a Mousson Nancy to Pont a Mousson

A late 11:30am start and an easy run: except for the water hose of the engine popping off a few times. The third saw black smoke steaming from you know whose ears. It turned out to be the result of shards from the old impeller blocking the exit, which in turn created pressure build up that […]

Return to Nancy, France Return to Nancy, France

Well, the break is over and we are back in Nancy and online once more, after visiting the most amazing sites: yes, finally a pic of the Matterhorn – that experience just blew us away! After a day of cleaning, shopping and laundry, the car is about to be returned and the canal sojourn recommenced. […]

Molsheim, France to Nancy, France Molsheim, France to Nancy, France

Gentle relaxed car drive as Bob and I returned to Nancy in order to recommence our canal sojourn. Eleven kilometres north – east of our final destination, a short side trip into Saint-Nicolas-de-Port took place: the aim to visit the church, Saint Nicholas Basilica, Bob had read about. Situated in the Meurthe Valley, the town’s […]

Molsheim, France

After a wonderful week, we returned to France this afternoon and are spending the night in Molsheim. It’s back to Gratis tomorrow.

Bad Wildbad, Germany to Molsheim, France Bad Wildbad, Germany to Molsheim, France

  Another lazy start that eventually found us moseying through the Black forest for the last time: low cloud, left over from last night’s rain enshrouded the hills. Mountain wildflowers decorated the countryside – a gentle contrast to the greens – rain seemed to have brightened them. Moss decorated tree trunks, beautiful in the soft […]

Through Germany We Go Through Germany We Go

To continue reading about our 2016 journey, click the link to our German page.

Strasbourg, France to Blaubeuren, Germany Strasbourg, France to Blaubeuren, Germany

Today saw us enter Germany and the Schwarzwald, land of the cuckoo clock, black forest cake and pom – pom hats. With its neat as a pin towns, white washed houses, mixed with wooden balconies, beams and flowers, Germany was so incredibly different to France. The commencement of our journey took us through cherry and […]

Departing France for Germany

Click the link to take you there. Look for the dates of the 17th – 23rd to read more on our car journey.  

Nancy to Strasbourg Nancy to Strasbourg

This was the day we commenced a week’s exploration by car. In the Meurther valley, Bob and I chose the picturesque route that took us north of Nancy and Strasbourg In abundance, were the community vegie gardens that allowed those of the close knit high rise complexes their small piece of earth. As our drive […]

La Rochere Glassworks

As towns went, Nancy was par for the course. Its main name to fame being its centrality and a place to hire a car for our upcoming trip into southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A short trip today took us to La Rochere and the oldest glass producing factory in the world: La Rochere Glass […]

Arrived in Nancy, France Arrived in Nancy, France

Our trip upon the Vosges has come to an end and that upon the Mosel is coming up.   See the unexpected little critter. I was so intent on the flower that I only discovered him sitting there when going through the pics.

Richardmenil to Nancy Richardmenil to Nancy

Chill, chill, bone – aching, numbing ice biting chill. White upon the breath, chill deep into the lungs, nowhere warmth! Where had the summer heat gone this year? Add to the mix, rain, rain and more rain! Wet to the bone, we at last arrived at the junction where we would enter Embranchment du Nancy. […]

Charmes to Richardmenil Charmes to Richardmenil

Heavy drenching rain overnight, brought with it a chill that pervaded the air. Out came the trackies, woollens and wet weather coats as we made our way to Richardmenil. 9am, engine on, lines being brought on board, the first lock commenced the opening process. Upon the canal, it is etiquette to allow those who arrive […]

Epinal to Charmes Epinal to Charmes

Entering the locks continually caused issues as the fenders rose upon connecting with, then proceeding to run along the walls. This in turn meant the hull was no longer protected and Gratis new paintwork was damaged. Today we experimented with the fenders by lowering them until they sat horizontally upon the water rather than vertically […]