Another lazy start that eventually found us moseying through the Black forest for the last time: low cloud, left over from last night’s rain enshrouded the hills.

Mountain wildflowers decorated the countryside – a gentle contrast to the greens – rain seemed to have brightened them.

Moss decorated tree trunks, beautiful in the soft spectral lighting,

Germany is such a stunning country, with its landscapes in the north sharply contrasting with the mountains of the south.

In Freudenstadt we delighted in the various fountains,

wood shingled walls and more.

Journeying through yet more mountain scenery,

Bob and I at last arrived in the Kaiserstuhl – the translation of which literally means ‘Kings Chair’, with its narrow streets, and where fruit and wine country came to the fore. Rising to 556.5m, this region was builst on the slopes of an ancient volcano.


Around lunchtime we passed into France once more.

Here we halted for a while in the town of Obernai, exquisitely preserved town. To say the least, it was expensive to stay here, with prices commencing at a minimum of 200E.

It was the finishing touches that drew the eye.

In a little closer….



Yet another shop or two.

And one more to finish.


An exuberant wedding procession, cars decorated in hues of blue, passed with horns a blazing, then it was time to depart.

Later, in Molsheim, the night was spent at the Logis Hotel Molsheim.

1 Rue St Martin:

Old, in a large double room – complete with two work areas, separate toilet and bathroom with a bath!! To Bob’s delight, a coffee machine!







Obernai, France