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Breitungen to Saalfeld, Thuringianwald, Germany Breitungen to Saalfeld, Thuringianwald, Germany

This was our last day true day of touring through yet more picturesque scenery. Oh, to experience a good long hike through this landscape!!!!!!! Unique in the townships Bob and I journeyed through, were the multitude of buildings whose outer shells were wholly covered in slate tiles. Each overlapping the tile set above and nailed […]

Fulda, Germany Fulda, Germany

Just a few kilometres down the road was the Fulda River and township of Fulda with its massive Benedictine Monastery that was first was founded in 744 by St Boniface’s disciple, Saint Sturm. In latter years, it served as a base from which missionaries could join Charlemagne’s military on campaigns. With renovations and rebuilds taking […]

Leonberg Hofingen To Breitungen, Germany Leonberg Hofingen To Breitungen, Germany

A lunch stop in the beautiful Altstadt of Millrichstadt. Here we came across an old water wheel, all that remains from the mill which once adorned the site, and loved this fire hydrant. On the way to our night’s accommodation, Bob and I visited the town of Meiningen for a quick explore. Situated on the […]

Eisenach to France to Leonberg Hofingen, Germany

This was the day chosen to return to France so as we could refill the gas tanks and purchase two more. What a slowday it proved to be! Roadworks, roadworks and yet more roadworks and add to the mix, Googlemaps playing up thanks to poor reception. Solution to the last? Purchase a Tom Tom. Things moved […]

2016 2016

From Mittelland Kanal to Havel Canal through lake district to Potsdam in August, then Potsdam to Zehdenick, September. Car journeys Nancy, France to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and return Potsdam, Germany to Poland and Return  

Heading to Oz Heading to Oz

We head to Oz later this arvo.   Image: Mecklenburg lakes

Australia, Here we Come!!!! Australia, Here we Come!!!!

Brrrrr!!!!!! It’s freezing here in Berlin! Gratis has been winterised and is awaiting a lift from the water. We in the meantime are awaiting at Tegel Airport for our flight to Hong Kong. The 2016 journey has come to a close.       Image: Sunset at Lehnitz

Gratis’ Last Trip of the 2016 Season Gratis’ Last Trip of the 2016 Season

This morning saw Gratis make her last trip of the season as we took her to her winter mooring in Spandau in glorious weather. All that remains to do is the final cleaning, winterising the engine and packing for the trip to Oz.  

Mecklenburg Lakes to Potsdam Mecklenburg Lakes to Potsdam

After a relaxing few days our trip to the Mecklenburg region came to an end and to Potsdam Gratis returned. Our visitors departed, the preparation of Gratis for winter has commenced. We depart for Oz on the 6th November and will be in Adelaide by the 14th. Then the missing spiels will come.

Zehdenick, Mecklenburg Lakes Zehdenick, Mecklenburg Lakes

Sorry it’s been a while, but life is extremely hectic. Since the last post, we have explored the sights of Berlin and motored Gratis to Zehdenick which is situated in the lower region of the Meckelnburg Lakes. One word describes this landscape: picturesque!    

Bautzen to Meissen, Germany Bautzen to Meissen, Germany

Narrow one vehicle roads led us through tiny villages and farming country where surprisingly large fields had replaced those typical tiny land plots that Europe was so well known for. Farmers here were busy turning the stubble. By mid – morning we had entered the region renowned for Dresden China. A bit of prior reading […]

Bautzen: Saxony, Germany Bautzen: Saxony, Germany

A relaxed day with a delightful wander through the old town of Bautzen. Whilst the upper town has been well restored, it was in the lower section at the base of the old fortification wall that we delighted in. This wall mural was so lifelike. ‘To our amazement, we actually caught sight one of these elusive Kingfishers […]

Bautzen Museum and the Flickenteppich Bautzen Museum and the Flickenteppich

This morning took us to the Bautzen Stadt Museum, where the main aim was to visit the Flickenteppich, a 1776 quilt created by Prussian soldiers. Upon arrival, we spoke to the person at the entrance who proceeded to introduce us to a Ms Pohl. On learning we had come all the way from Australia to […]

Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany

Prior to departing Legnica, we visited the archives office which happened to be just around the corner, I discovered after a search on the net. The people here couldn’t have been more helpful – quite different to the Polish of earlier days. Taken into a large room, we were told to wait whilst the receptionist […]

Potsdam, Germany to Chwalecice (Heinersdorf) to Szcezecin to Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland Potsdam, Germany to Chwalecice (Heinersdorf) to Szcezecin to Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland

Some years past, my (Karyle) father had commenced researching his family tree and arrived at a dead – end on the eve prior to their point of departure at Hamburg, Germany. Basic information – such as birth dates and place of birth – on the family members that made the journey was gleaned from the […]

On the Road Again

Off to Poland tomorrow – by car.

Relaxing Relaxing

We have been enjoying the days of relaxation that have been interspersed with undertaking small work projects. Yachthafen Potsdam is a lovely mooring, with walk paths and a swim beach just out the door. The toilet now has a small tap that means the guess work of closing the inlet/outlet valves for our guests is no longer […]

Spandau to Potsdam Spandau to Potsdam

In Australia seagulls are the sailor’s nightmare. In Spandau it is the swallows we discovered, as we awakened to their birdsong and upon looking out the windows found the lifelines covered in a mass of the tiny critters: Out went Bob: thankfully, our little friends left no packages. After looking at the facilities and marinas […]

Spandau, Germany Spandau, Germany

We have done it!!!!!   1700+km from Port St Louis France to Spandau – just outside Berlin.     Nine days until our visitors arrive gives us time to find a winter berth for our beautiful girl.

Potsdam, Tiefer See to Spandau Potsdam, Tiefer See to Spandau

More exquisite scenery and the best weather experienced for some time. Excitement for the day was two relaxing hours spent waiting at the Spandau lock as the operators waited to place as many boats as possible into each filling/emptying cycle. Moored for a few days at a delightful little marina – Sportverein Wannseeaten 1911 e.v. […]