More exquisite scenery and the best weather experienced for some time.

Excitement for the day was two relaxing hours spent waiting at the Spandau lock as the operators waited to place as many boats as possible into each filling/emptying cycle.

Moored for a few days at a delightful little marina – Sportverein Wannseeaten 1911 e.v. Coming into moor, a delightful couple came up to chat: so friendly.

What a journey it has been since the end of April this year. Sicily to Albania, Greece and back, then up the Italian coastline to Elbe, across to Corsica, over to mainland France, mast off and stored.

The Canal journey then commenced: Rhone, Saone, Canal des Vosges, Embranchment de Nancy, Moselle, Rhein, Rhein – Herne Canal, Dortmund – Ems Canal, Mittelland Kanal, Elbe – Havel Canal, Havel, Brandenburger Niederhavel, Potsdam Havel, and the Havel once more to Spandau.

Such a challenge, but so worth the effort!