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The Making of Perfect Yacht Tender

New page on the blog. Making the Perfect Yacht Tender

Boat Preparations

Bob was up the mast this morning reattaching the repaired wind vane, changing the light globes to LED and carrying out a check of all attachments as he went. Items are gradually being stored away, and I commenced making the first of our snacks for the journey to Cocos Keeling.

The Preparations Commence

It was the day to commence collating our food supplies once again. For a while there this afternoon, Gratis looked as though a bomb had ripped through her. The mattress filled the galley area, whilst food packages were spread across the floor and bed base. By 1700, the initial rearranging of supplies was completed and […]

The Asymmetric Spinnaker

Two days of total calm: what a luxury!! The Fascine is a millpool. Yesterday was the perfect time to trial the Asymmetric Spinnaker. What a beauty in her red, white and blue!

A New Sail for Light Wind Days and a Dinghy Race

Bob decided another sail was required for when the winds are light off the beam. The asymmetric spinnaker arrived Wednesday. I winched Bob up the mast a number of times over the duration of yesterday in order for him to make the adjustments required to run this particular sail. In between study and so forth, […]