Covid lockdowns put a stop on our cruising life for 18 months.

At long, long last lockdowns in NSW came to an end, the weather was right, and Australis 1 could finally set sail.

The weather was perfect and although wind was light, meaning mostly a motor, when the sails were up it was divine as the waters swooshed beneath the hull.

Clear air, gentle seas, dophins surfing, birds soaring. What more could one ask for!

Why, a brilliant Milky Way in moonlit night and phosphorescence as dolphins raced through tiny creatures.

There was a surprise on deck next morning. This beauty must have been trying to avoid being in the path of the dolphins over night. It appeared to have knocked itself out. It was truly sad that she was a mama to be.

What a wingspan she had. This was the biggest flying fish we have ever seen.

This was only a short sail of 24 hours, and a high tide bar crossing later where waters were racing,

we are now moored for the summer.

There were some interrsting sights to be seen on our arrival.