This was the day chosen to return to France so as we could refill the gas tanks and purchase two more.

What a slowday it proved to be!

Roadworks, roadworks and yet more roadworks and add to the mix, Googlemaps playing up thanks to poor reception. Solution to the last? Purchase a Tom Tom. Things moved a little better, but not much.

An arrival time of 11am in France turned into 15:30 instead. Arriving at the shopping centre, we were informed it was possible to exchange the bottles, but to purchase a new one we would have to return at 8am the next morning.

Wait ’til the morn? No way were we losing another day! Back to google we went. A quarter hour down the road was yet another supermarket. Time rapidly passing, here we had success. Two new bottles later, Bob and I were on the road once again: Germany bound this time!

As day turned into night, the elements added to the mix a good downpour of rain. Good and thick, Bob had to slow and it was almost seven by the time we found somewhere to spend the night.

The one plus of the day, our accommodation, Schlosshotel Hofingen. Exquisite room and what a great bed! Furniture in breakfast room a work of art. A little pricey, but what the heck: we had well and truly earned the points to spoil ourselves this day!!!!!!