This morning took us to the Bautzen Stadt Museum, where the main aim was to visit the Flickenteppich, a 1776 quilt created by Prussian soldiers.

Upon arrival, we spoke to the person at the entrance who proceeded to introduce us to a Ms Pohl. On learning we had come all the way from Australia to view it, the ladies couldn’t have been more helpful. She was so excited to hear that even there, people have knowledge of this masterpiece.

Ms Pohl personally led us through the 1st floor of the museum, providing information and answering our questions all the while.

The quilt – wow!!!!

Wrong choice of lens for the day, but some interesting shots.

And there are still people today who say it’s ‘womens’ work’. What hogwash!!!

More of the museum.

Books hundreds of years old.

The town had also experienced the effects of WWII, and there was an impressive display detailing that unhappy period of time.

Late afternoon upon us, Bob and I ambled through the delightful small town of Goeda.

The church here was unusual in that it had a double spire.