A lunch stop in the beautiful Altstadt of Millrichstadt.

Here we came across an old water wheel, all that remains from the mill which once adorned the site,

and loved this fire hydrant.

On the way to our night’s accommodation, Bob and I visited the town of Meiningen for a quick explore.

Situated on the banks of the Werra River, the town’s history dates back 1000 years or more. With its cobbled streets and exquisite renovation of buildings that continues even today, the Altstadt was most picturesque.

The town became a thriving community during the 1600s, when the manufacturing of linen enabled it to experience an economic boom. Later, under the ruling hand of Duke George II, Meiningen became world famous for the arts.

We loved the wood carving.

Musicians such as Brahms, Liszt and Wagner, and the famous German poet Friedrich Schiller all spent time in this here.

For South Australians, Meiningen shares an important link, as it was here in Elisabethenburg Castle during August of 1792, that the birth of Princess Adelaide – the namesake after whom our capital takes its name – took place. Marrying William IV of England, it was Queen Adelaide who introduced the Christmas tree to Britain, and by association Australia.

Renovations of the palace have at last been completed. With its curved face at the entrance to the multiple styles once inside. Very different to the average style of palace.

Accommodation in the country just outside of the town of Breitungen. Peaceful, storks, hunting birds. Our window looked out upon the back hillside covered in grasses and fruit trees. Small lakes just down the road.

Sadly, it rained and I missed a chance to just sit outside and enjoy!