In Australia seagulls are the sailor’s nightmare. In Spandau it is the swallows we discovered, as we awakened to their birdsong and upon looking out the windows found the lifelines covered in a mass of the tiny critters:

Out went Bob:

thankfully, our little friends left no packages.

After looking at the facilities and marinas available, Bob and I made the decision to return to Potsdam for the upcoming four weeks.

Today was the day. We loved Moby Dick.

This time I managed to get a shot of Sanssouci as we passed.

Yachthafen Potsdam, is nicely set up and the people friendly. Set up with a crane capable of lifting 25t, we were hopeful of leaving Gratis on the hard for the upcoming winter.

Although recent winters had been mild with no ice forming in the canals, there was no saying that would be the case this time. Leaving Gratis in the water really was not an option, for water icing up in the pipes and hoses would most likely cause cracking, which equalled leaks and flooding upon the thaw. More work? No thank you!!

Upon enquiring, we were informed there was no space remaining on land. Back to the drawing board!!!!!!!