Departing Saint Helena for Barbados on April 1st, as ocean crossings go, this leg was a breeze! 28 days, a slow average of 5 knots due to extremely light winds: what a change.

Where light winds had prevailed on previous legs, slight adjustments had been made to the course in an attempt to keep with the stronger winds – all to no avail. This time we did the calculations and decided it was a ‘no go’ decision. To do so would have meant a greater distance, with a high probability of no gain.

Sticking to our line, we entered the doldrums. Fortune was with us: no windless days here. Just steady with the occasional squall passing through. More often than not, heavily laden non – wind bearing clouds drifted lazily overhead

Other than the cutlass bearing deciding it was time for replacement and the engine room bilge requiring a pump out every so often, in a first for us, there were no equipment failures.

Plenty of time for reading and watching the world pass us by.

Sky colours on the 4th were incredible, from pastel inks to vibrant yellows depending upon the sun’s postion and direction from which you were looking.

Full moon on the 5th, peeked shyly from behind the dark spreading carpet.

Fun with water photography n the 11th.

Fish and visiting seabirds on the night of the 11th, whilst dolphins playfully joined us on the 12th.

Changing skies on the 13th

More water fun on the 14th.

On the 15th Sagasso Weed stretched for miles upon the water’s surface, its path determined by the winds and gulf stream. Floating algae, the weed provided a bountiful food bowl and wonderful protection for small animal species ( The birds had had it all worked out, though.

Lazily searching the weed: even time for a scratch.

Skies continually changing:

More overnight visitors:

A set of rain clouds lazily crossed our path. Surprisingly, no wind or rain came with: that occurred elsewhere.

Large pods of dolphins on the 16th.