It has been a busy few weeks for us.

A quick trip down to Southern France to check out the mast. It’s there, and now Bob is looking for a carrier to bring it to Vlissingen.

A quick trip into Italy. Wow Factor! I lost count of the tunnels and bridges.

A detour through Pisa whetted the appetite for our travels through the Med.

Back on board our girl, Bob was back to work.

Prior to departing we discovered the port side water tank had sprung a leak at the inspection plate. Bob had to remove this, clean the area then reattach and sikaflex the plate once more. Today, we discover whether all is well when the tank is refilled.

For myself, it’s been cooking: spaghetti sauce, rum slice – a dairy free version (with home made chocolate, biscuits and soy condensed milk) and regular, muesli, bean salad and more………

You may be thinking, ‘What are your plans this year?’

At this stage, they are not one hundred percent iron clad for there are many plans afoot, but that aside, the aim is to complete our travels through the exquisite landscape of Belgium.