With the fuel barge not open to customers on Sundays and the Netherlands proving to have the best price, to Terneuzen Bob and I have returned, and shall remain for a few additional unexpected days.

It seems that this is the year for items to break down. Late Saturday evening, the fridge had a hissy fit and hasn’t worked since. The result, there is now an eski that can be utilised as a freezer on board (yep, I can now freeze my sour dough, meat and more!!!!!!!!), and spare parts for making repairs must be found.

Between one thing and another, our intended plans for this summer’s journey are now a good month behind schedule, and realising more trips will be made through the region, adjustments have been made accordingly. Still on the list are Antwerp, Brussels, Ypres, Dunkirk, Calais, the Somme and more………..


Our time in Ghent is all online. Click on the links below and check it out.