A Gratis Wedding

gratisaustralisAustralia, South Australia


The long awaited photos have arrived. Many thanks go to my friend and photographer, Louise Bagger. Here is a glimpse of our day.

On a Wander

gratisaustralisAustralia, South Australia

On an afternoon hike, a rustle in the grass, a flash of red, and off it slithered! A red belly, I believe!!!!!!

Enjoying Oz

gratisaustralisAustralia, South Australia


We are staying with friends on their property in the Onkaparinga Hills, south of Adelaide in South Australia. Afternoon walks upon rocky dirt paths in the warmth of the setting sun’s yellow orange glow bring the hiker close to our unique wildlife. Kookaburras hidden within the leafy green eucalypts laugh raucously, whilst kangaroos on high alert graze in the nearby paddock: just a whisper … Read More

In Oz

gratisaustralisAustralia, South Australia

We returned safely to Adelaide. A bit cooler than Hong Kong, but not as icy as Berlin!!!

Adelaide At Last

gratisaustralisAustralia, South Australia

We made it into Adelaide early yesterday morning. Love the do it yourself passport check. The fastest trip through Customs ever: no more than 20 mins – including luggage collection – from the moment of alighting from the plane. A cool change came through, so that heat we were expecting has passed, and a pleasant re acclimatizing to warmer weather welcomed.

Last Transit Leg Tonight

gratisaustralisAustralia, Italy 2016, South Australia

After an overnight stopover in Milan, a leg to Amsterdam in which we enjoyed a bit of time exploring, and the flight from Amsterdam to Bali (with an hour of respite in Singapore) we are currently relaxing in Bali. It’s a great way to acclimatise after the cooler winter weather of Europe. Exploration of Milan and Amsterdam are definitely on our bucket list … Read More

A Busy Time in Adelaide, South Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, South Australia

My new 800mm lens arrived and I took it out for a play. Arlo, our grandson just hours old Lucia, now two and a half. We took her to Gorge Wildlife Park. She loved it. A wombat was in the animal hospital. She really connected with it as he had a sore toe like herself. The peacock putting on a … Read More


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It’s difficult to believe our time in Adelaide is almost at an end: we depart Tuesday evening. The pics will commence coming on line tonight.  

Busy in Adelaide

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What a full on week or two! The camera is back, my tilt – shift and 800mm lenses arrived: can’t wait to play….. Took Lucia to Kindergym yesterday and daycare today. What a sweetie. Our newest grandchild arrives today and go to visit a bit later. Bob and I went to the Adelaide Central Market this morning looking for sheeps milk products. … Read More

So Busy

gratisaustralisAustralia, South Africa 2014, South Australia

It’s been a busy weeks as appointments have followed one after the other. It will be time to relax by mid next week. My camera and computer have been in for service. Pick it up today, so picks from Adelaide will soon be coming.