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11th to 14th August Now on

We are having a couple of relaxing days here. The exploration of the region commences next week.   Click the link to view the new spiels and images.  

Bram to Carcassonne

  An early 7:30am start with the aim of being ahead of the rowers and holiday makers, plus making landfall in Carcassonne by mid – afternoon. Soon after departing, the rowers commenced passing us – the more experienced reaching speeds of a good 4 – 5 knots plus. The bike riders, we discovered, were keeping […]

Arrived in Bram

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” address=”Bram, France” marker=”yes”]   After a long day passing through locks we have made it to Bram.

Castelnaudary to Bram

12 Locks in 16km, including combinations of one four, one two and one three. All manned, our work upon entry was made much simpler. By day’s end we had gone through a drop of 46.06 metres overall. For the first time on our own, the process of entering and departing the first lock got our […]