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Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.

Montec to Toulouse Now On

Yet More Cocos and France Online

Castelsarrasin, France and Another Day on Cocos

More Work and More Galleries Added

The painting of the upper hull commenced yesterday, as the white coat was done. It’s time for the blue. Bob is working on the painting of the pilot house. Will take some pics today. After completing the sanding, the painting on the old bed area commences today. The pictures of the Moissac Abbey have been […]

New Pics and Spiels from France and Cocos Online

France There are a few more images to be placed on the Abbey page tomorrow.   Cocos Keeling

St Jory to Toulouse

An early start on a bright sunlit morning, knowing what we’d learnt about the water actions after observing the lock/water flow design St Jory last night the first lock was a breeze. St Jory lock water flow. St Jory lock Put it all together and it looks like this: Lock walls were encased in green ferns, […]

Grisolles been and gone…..

Arrived in Grisolles: moorings all taken and bank shallow. On we moved………..  


  An interesting day’s motor to Montech: click on the link below.  

Montec to St Jory

With only one lock, the process of which went smoothly, the day passed most pleasurably. As a result of all available moorings being used at Grisolles and the canal bank far too shallow for Big G, our expected anchorage for the night didn’t eventuate. Through the next lock and we found a pleasant mooring spot […]


Mist drifted across the water this morning as the warming sun dried the dew from the plants growing upon the banks.   Some shots from last night:   Just loving it here……. We are departing for Grissoles today.

Castelsarrasin to Montec

Created from the night’s dew that had settled upon the plants upon the bank, mist arising upon the water as the sun rose created a new beauty for the observing eye this morning. Bob and Rob moved the throttle to from the cockpit to the pedestal on the outdoor helm this morning. Now our captain […]




  The site of the town is believed to have been inhabited as far back as the tenth century and it’s name to have originated from the name of a man: “Castel de Serratius” Today was market day in the town. Unlike other villages we have visited, there is no market square here. Instead, the […]


A 9km motor to Castelsarrasin this afternoon. Seven locks, a stop at the supermarket where Bob purchased a couple of beach umbrellas along way and we were soon there.   Image: the scene from Gratis.      

Moissac to Castelsarrasin

After the humid 40 degree heat of the past few days a grey morning with thunder reverberating around the hills greeted us. A quick walk of Moissac in rain freshened air and we were off.   The power of the water as it filled the locks was immense. One wouldn’t want to fall over board. An occasional […]

Arrival in Moissac

More pics on the link below:    

St – Pierre Abbey, Moissac

Moissac is a town overshadowed by St – Pierre Abbey Church and saw its beginnings as a Roman settlement. Sadly, as a result of invasions that took place at the hands of the Saracens, Normans and Magyars, much of the Abbey’s history was lost during those times of destruction. Legend goes that this massive structure […]


There was time for a walk through Moissac this morning. For more about the Abbey: The old water mill, now an hotel, provided us with an insight to its working as we wandered around it. On the bridge leading up to the Pont Napoleon, where we had supped the previous night, we came upon […]

Valence d’Agen to Moissac

A thunderstorm blew in from nowhere last night. Upon waking this morning a Gratis covered in leaves, twigs and fruit greeted our eyes. A rapid clean up and we were off: or maybe not!! Arriving at the first lock of the day 5 minutes later, no lock lights greeted us. Mooring to a dredging barge, […]