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Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.

Montec to Toulouse Now On

Pont Vieux de Vias

This sight tickled our fancy on the way to Vias yesterday.   A peaceful anchorage for the next few days. Sunday will see us heading through what is called the ‘Round Lock’ onto the Herault River for a 5km motor to Grau Agde where the mast will be reinstalled on Monday/Tuesday.   A sad sight […]

A Different Midi
Departing Carcassonne

We depart Carcassonne today. Will be in Agde putting the mast back on by the end of the week.

Grotto de Limousis

20 minutes to the north of Carcassonne is this breathtaking natural wonder of five caverns full of spectacular formations. At the source of the Midi: Prise d’Alzeau.

Chateau de Peyrepertuse

Another full day, Chateau de Peyrepertuse was one of the highlights. Situated thousands of metres above the plateau the view was breathtaking!!!


Yesterday saw us head to Agde  to check out the details for raising the mast. We also found the time to head down past Narbonne to Salses where we saw a new type of fort that came about as a result of the invention of gunpowder.


  A drive through the Black Mountains took us through beautiful scenery to Albi. It’s Unesco world heritage is quite plain in this outside, but rich in colour inside.

Exploration Commences Today

(We call this the Hobbit door.) Yesterday Bob completed altering the port side bunk: wider and longer, a much more comfortable bed when at sea. The spiels and pics are still slowly coming along. Today, we collect our hire car and head out on an afternoon of exploration further out.

New Bikes

The cost of hiring bikes ever increasing, after much searching, Bob ordered a couple of bikes a couple of days ago. They arrived yesterday and we have already given them a workout. At 200 Euro – including postage, light weight, six gears: they are fantastic!! A few modifications – there are some downsides to that […]

Back to Work

We are back to work today. No matter where you are, the washing must be done. The pic another one from yesterday at La Cite.

La Cite

It was a visit to La Cite, a fortified city standing on a plateau above Carcassone. Words can’t describe this masterpiece that was built over the ages. The pic is just a sample.

Bram to Carcassonne

  An early 7:30am start with the aim of being ahead of the rowers and holiday makers, plus making landfall in Carcassonne by mid – afternoon. Soon after departing, the rowers commenced passing us – the more experienced reaching speeds of a good 4 – 5 knots plus. The bike riders, we discovered, were keeping […]

Arrived in Bram

[map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” address=”Bram, France” marker=”yes”]   After a long day passing through locks we have made it to Bram.

Castelnaudary to Bram

12 Locks in 16km, including combinations of one four, one two and one three. All manned, our work upon entry was made much simpler. By day’s end we had gone through a drop of 46.06 metres overall. For the first time on our own, the process of entering and departing the first lock got our […]

Heading for Carcassonne

Departing for Carcassone this morning. Image: the bridge, Pont Vieux, leading into the basin at sunset last night.


Our last evening in Castelnaudary.


  Heading out to explore Castelnaudary this morning. Also working on a video for a change. Hope to have it on the Blog by tonight sometime. The Photo: A couple of Aussie Idiots decided to have some fun.

Castelnaudary Arrival

  Well, after a day of locks, we at last arrived in Castelnaudary. Thanks to an afternoon of rain which is adding a chill to the air, exploration has been postponed.   Some spiel and pics have been placed on: keeping up is quite a difficult task!!!!!!! Click the link below.