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Castelnaudary to Bram

12 Locks in 16km, including combinations of one four, one two and one three. All manned, our work upon entry was made much simpler. By day’s end we had gone through a drop of 46.06 metres overall. For the first time on our own, the process of entering and departing the first lock got our […]

Heading for Carcassonne

Departing for Carcassone this morning. Image: the bridge, Pont Vieux, leading into the basin at sunset last night.


Our last evening in Castelnaudary.


  This was the find of the day. A small chapel in a small plain building. What drew our eye was the bell upon the top and a keyed gate across the front. There for all to see was the view above. Not the best of shots, but a tricky thing to do with bars in front […]


  Heading out to explore Castelnaudary this morning. Also working on a video for a change. Hope to have it on the Blog by tonight sometime. The Photo: A couple of Aussie Idiots decided to have some fun.

Castelnaudary Arrival

  Well, after a day of locks, we at last arrived in Castelnaudary. Thanks to an afternoon of rain which is adding a chill to the air, exploration has been postponed.   Some spiel and pics have been placed on: keeping up is quite a difficult task!!!!!!! Click the link below.    


Narrow streets and alleyways with the aged doors of buildings at times exhibiting dates denoting their age, it was a town worth wandering through. The buildings themselves were a mix of sepia tones and brightly coloured. Intricately designed wrought iron gates led into an old manor house that was undergoing renovations, and well worn the steps of […]

Laval Lock to Castelnaudary  

With high moisture levels in the air, the droplets from a misty fog fell upon the earth this morning, thereby creating a cooler commencement to the day. What a relief, after the burning heat of yesterday. First lock – another round and we had the hang of things – what a beautiful setting. Doors in shades […]