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Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.

Flores to La Rochelle now on.

At last!!!! Last year’s epic ocean crossing of 7,500nm+ is now fully on board.  

Martinique to Flores, the Azores Now Oneline

Flores, the Azores to La Rochelle, France

Departing the Azores on the 13th June, as trips went this was the gentlest with very little sailing undertaken at all. With a high centred over the Azores, there was either no wind, or a gentle Zephyr upon the nose. A one week sail became two of constant motoring. Excitement???? Some days out, stealthily creeping […]

Marina Lajes das Flores, the Azores

With a high probability that the weather would continue in its current form of refusing to perform as predicted, refuelling was a must if we were to arrive in La Rochelle, France, on time to meet with our friends Anne and Cliff. Winds and sea conditions having significantly abated over – night, after the first […]

Flores, The Azores

The Isle of Flowers, the western most island of the Azores, arose out of the grey enshrouding mist. A welcoming haven from the on the nose 25 – 35 knot easterly. The wind strength and sea conditions were such, that the approach to the marina would have been treacherous, so we anchored in the protected […]

Guadeloupe to Flores, the Azores

Guadeloupe Marina Departure for France took place on the 19th May and what a slow, monotonous sail it was! Seas flat calm upon departure, was the name of the game of that first week. The winds wouldn’t play and light as they were insisted on pushing us ever westward. With a tight time line, Big Bertha was […]