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Fried Rice (Fresh Vegetable version) Fried Rice (Fresh Vegetable version)

¼ leek or onion chopped 4 garlic cloves chopped in ¼s 1 tablespoon chives (dried or fresh chopped) ½ cup rice (best boiled with a clove of garlic chopped in ½ and salt to taste, rinsed after cooking and well drained. I cook early that morning to assist in the dying process) 1 tablespoon olive […]

Fried Rice

2 cups water 1 cup rice 1 can drained capsicum ½ can drained corn 1 can champignons drained and diced 1½ teaspoons chicken stock 2 teaspoons dried chives 1 clove crushed garlic 1 teaspoon chilli powder Pinch salt Enough oil to baste the pan Bring water to boil. Add rice, chicken stock, salt. Cook 15 […]