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Flores to La Rochelle now on.

At last!!!! Last year’s epic ocean crossing of 7,500nm+ is now fully on board.  

La Rochelle to Pauillac, France

A massive river system that opens into the sea, the Gironde Estuary and River Garonne experience tidal flows of up to 5 knots. The strong currents, in tandem with nearby rocks and sandbars mean that in winds of 20+ knots this becomes a dangerous area and entering/exiting is a no go zone. Entering this waterway […]

Flores, the Azores to La Rochelle, France

Departing the Azores on the 13th June, as trips went this was the gentlest with very little sailing undertaken at all. With a high centred over the Azores, there was either no wind, or a gentle Zephyr upon the nose. A one week sail became two of constant motoring. Excitement???? Some days out, stealthily creeping […]

Depart La Rochelle

Midnight tonight, we depart for Pouliac just inside the Gironde Estuary.

La Rochelle, France

As towns go, La Rochelle was a holiday destination for the French, it proved quite expensive, so for those people on a budget it was not a long term port of call.  

La Rochelle

After a 12 day sail from Flores, the Azores, we have arrived safely in La Rochelle, France. Click the link below to the page for our travels of 2015.