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Rodrigues to Mauritius and Mauritius to Reunion On

The last of our Indian Ocean Crossings have now been placed on board. We will now commence adding the excursions we took whilst on the Cocos Keeling, Rodrigues, Mauritius and Reunion

We have arrived in Reunion

Yes, we have arrived safely in Reunion. Unfortunately, the availability of internet is not so easy to find. Today saw us carrying out quite a search before we discovered the cheapest and easiest way of accessing it from the boat. Free wi – fi is available in some areas, but time consuming in travelling and utilising the facility. […]

Mauritius to Reunion, Day 2

As with our previous sojourns, whilst on the final approach, overnight the winds died and ranged between 6 – 8 knots whilst Gratis’ speed died from sixes through to eights down to a measly three and four. At this snail paced speed, it would be 20:00 before arrival and a closed port would mean a […]

Mauritius to Reunion, Day 1

  Light winds, sunny skies, fair weather predicted for the sail, after an enjoyable three weeks of exploration we departed Mauritius for Reunion. A typical shuffle of the Sri Lankan fishing fleet was occurring as we motored over to Customs. It was like watching a water ballet. Paperwork signed – thankfully not the rigmarole encountered […]

Mauritius Page Up and Running

Here are the first images of the capital, Port Louis.

Rodrigues to Mauritius

This sail was a short uneventful one day hop. It was a matter of checking the weather and timing our arrival in Mauritius for early morning. Land fall took place in Port Louis at 10:00am. Images taken as we entered the harbour. Everywhere one looked, were row upon row of Taiwanese fishing boats.