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Initial Preparations for the 2017 European Journey Initial Preparations for the 2017 European Journey

Well, here it is! With the aid of books by Tom Sommers (, the initial route planning options for our 2017 tour through northern Germany and the Netherlands is completed. By Car: Mecklenburg Lakes in first Gratis, then Little G2 Canal River Route Take 2 through the Netherlands.   Take 3 Distances.  

Mecklenburg Lakes to Potsdam Mecklenburg Lakes to Potsdam

After a relaxing few days our trip to the Mecklenburg region came to an end and to Potsdam Gratis returned. Our visitors departed, the preparation of Gratis for winter has commenced. We depart for Oz on the 6th November and will be in Adelaide by the 14th. Then the missing spiels will come.

Zehdenick, Mecklenburg Lakes Zehdenick, Mecklenburg Lakes

Sorry it’s been a while, but life is extremely hectic. Since the last post, we have explored the sights of Berlin and motored Gratis to Zehdenick which is situated in the lower region of the Meckelnburg Lakes. One word describes this landscape: picturesque!