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Montec to Toulouse Now On

Yet More Cocos and France Online

24th and 25th July now online

After much frustration with the internet, the spiels and images for the 24th and 25th July are now online. Castelsarrasin is now being worked upon. Click the link below and scroll down to the date you wish to read.   Yesterday was spent ambling. No photos this day, for we just wanted to enjoy. […]

Montec to St Jory

With only one lock, the process of which went smoothly, the day passed most pleasurably. As a result of all available moorings being used at Grisolles and the canal bank far too shallow for Big G, our expected anchorage for the night didn’t eventuate. Through the next lock and we found a pleasant mooring spot […]

Castelsarrasin to Montec

Created from the night’s dew that had settled upon the plants upon the bank, mist arising upon the water as the sun rose created a new beauty for the observing eye this morning. Bob and Rob moved the throttle to from the cockpit to the pedestal on the outdoor helm this morning. Now our captain […]