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Port of Rome to Porto Azzurro, Elba (Elbe) Port of Rome to Porto Azzurro, Elba (Elbe)

A pleasant all night sail/motor where fishing boats were the only hazards to really beware of: in the Mediterranean very few have AIS and many don’t use their lights. Even when they see you, the helmsman will abruptly make a turn and head directly for you. The Isle of Elba (, some parts of which […]

Departing Porta di Roma

Just pulling out of Porta di Roma. Next stop Elba, then top of Corsica. About a day’s sail for each. Has been a lovely stay here. Close to buses and trains and fantastic facilities. 150 euro for the 3 nights.  

Port of Rome

Totally exhausted through lack of sleep caused by uncomfortable swells and an ornery wind, we have at last arrived in the Port of Rome.