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Tender and Painter Tender and Painter

The Tender is a ship’s dinghy. The painter is the rope tied to the bow of the tender. It is used for tying the tender to a dock, jetty or boat.    

Starboard and Port Starboard and Port

Which side is which?   On land we use left and right.   On the sea, it’s Port and Starboard. Looking towards the bow – front – of the boat, Port is left, starboard right. No matter what direction you face on a boat, they remain the same. It means there is no confusion for […]

Beaufort Scale Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort Scale is used by sailors as a guide to estimate wind speed without the use of instruments. They do this by looking at the effects the wind has upon the waves. For example, 0 denotes calm seas and 12 cyclone strength winds.   Link For an easy read about the history of the […]