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Richards Bay Departure

Weather window not large enough: not departing tomorrow after all. We shall be moving round to Zululand Yacht Club to escape escape the effects of the tugs and the deafening noise that goes until 3am most Thursday to Sunday nights. Time for completing a few more jobs.

4th Jan images are up.

Yes, more pics are on board!!! Keep scrolling down in order to view the new images and script. A bit of news on Daily Snippets.

The first of the pictures are now online…

We’ve arrived in South Africa

More spiels added to The Mauritius Page (more pics will come over the next month). South Africa so far

Reunion Departure Preparations

A busy day as preparations for departure commenced. Boat washed inside and out, bread cooked, Rum Slice made, washing completed, Gratis packed. The replacement parts for the Gennie should have arrived. Bob up top impatiently awaiting, as everyone stops work at 4pm here – only 10 minutes to go. Adendum to that: they are arriving […]

Mauritius Page Up and Running

Here are the first images of the capital, Port Louis.