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Sailing in Russia Sailing in Russia

Looking for a Different Experience?   If you are considering undertaking something a little different, maybe a trip from the Baltic to the Black Sea is what you are looking for. Maxine and John took the leap in their yacht Tainui and undertook this incredible 3,000 mile journey through Russia. Tainui   Bob and I […]

Sailing Totem Sailing Totem

Sailing Totem   With a different set up to most, this is a blog well worth a look. Covering topics from cruising to sails – Jamie is a professional sail maker – to sailing with kids and home schooling, there is a lot of sailing information to be found.   Image: screensaved from Sailing Totem’s […]

Flying Kiwi Cat Flying Kiwi Cat

Flying Kiwi Cat   Bob and I met John and Leanne during our winter layover in Sicily. Wanting a new experience, they made the decision to sell up, then returned to home and work. During the interim, John and Leanne undertook a great deal of research before choosing to have their next yacht – a […]