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Starboard and Port Starboard and Port

Which side is which?   On land we use left and right.   On the sea, it’s Port and Starboard. Looking towards the bow – front – of the boat, Port is left, starboard right. No matter what direction you face on a boat, they remain the same. It means there is no confusion for […]

The Twins The Twins

Two genoas sewn together to form a massive foresail. Used in light winds, generally when the wind is behind. They can be used as a genoa on a beam reach.

Beaufort Scale Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort Scale is used by sailors as a guide to estimate wind speed without the use of instruments. They do this by looking at the effects the wind has upon the waves. For example, 0 denotes calm seas and 12 cyclone strength winds.   Link For an easy read about the history of the […]