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2016 2016

From Mittelland Kanal to Havel Canal through lake district to Potsdam in August, then Potsdam to Zehdenick, September. Car journeys Nancy, France to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and return Potsdam, Germany to Poland and Return  

2015 2015

Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.


After a 2 hour motor – yes, once again the wind was on the nose at 30 knots – in which we dodged ferries and commercial ships, Gratis arrived at the Messina marina.    

Straits of Messina Straits of Messina

After a hard two day slog into winds of 25 to 40 knots we at last entered the Straits of Messina. Finally, the winds settled into those predicted: light and on the nose winds, we loved it. Did our comfortable sail last long? Hell no! Only an hour later the winds rushed in at 20+ […]

Departure Delayed

Thanks to a slight engine issue which Bob is currently sorting out, our departure from Sicily has been delayed until tomorrow.

Gratis Painted

Sanded. Biaggio taping, then painting. Doesn’t our girl look beautiful topside! The guys in Marina di Ragusa boatyard have done a magnificent job.


This was our view of Etna from the car as we drove to Catania last week. The snow is rapidly melting.

Spring has Sprung in Sicily

Spring has sprung in Sicily, and each day that high creeps ever closer. It is now that the island truly comes into its own. Arriving in late Autumn last year, colours were muted, whilst during winter it was the vibrance of the oranges that contrasted against the drab gray brown landscape. With each day that […]

A Trip to Etna

New Year’s Day, 2016. A moment of downtime as we enjoyed a trip to Etna. Just snapshots of the day, as viewed from within the car as we motored along: the good ones will come once the work upon Gratis is completed and we have plenty of time up our sleeve.

Change of Plans

It looks as though we are remaining here Marina di Ragusa, Sicily for the winter. With another bombing killing in excess of 70 people, events are hotting up a little too much in Turkey. We are also hearing stories of how the people smugglers are putting refugees into the water for boaties to pick up, then […]

In Port for A While Longer            

Arrival in Sicily

Two legs  could not be any more of a contrast. No wind and the water like glass this time.     A front carrying gale force winds of 50+ knots is headed this way. We are waiting it out in one of the many the marinas here in Sicily until the weekend .   Images: […]

Onward we Sail

After a washing machine sail, we and Gratis had a night stopover in southern Sardinia whilst some stronger winds passed by. Heading out now for a 1.5 day sail to Sicily.