Our intention to enter Bras de Marly via the Bougival Lock didn’t take place today. Both lights having turned red late the evening before, they still remained so at 10am this morn. Radio and phone calls to request entry unanswered, we continued upstream on the northern arm and entered the Chatou Lock instead. We would journey upon the Bras de Marly on our return.

Travelling upon the Seine, one was amazed by both the number and size of the islands situated metres from the banks.

In order to experience new scenery on the return journey, Bob and I chose the route that led one along the southern most banks of these islands since that option was only available when navigating in that direction.

As with the day prior, although there were plenty of moorings for the stationary liveaboard barge owners,

the lack of marinas and night moorings for the cruiser passing through continued.

Situated 14km from the l’Arsenal Marina where Gratis would be moored for the duration of our stay in Paris, Port van Gogh was full of liveaboards and no berths were available. Being two days early and unsure whether there would be berths available, Bob rang the l’Arsenal and was told to head on up.

Into Paris went Gratis.

Past boats of all sorts,

and our first glimpse of the Tower.

Interesting sights,

under the old bridges – this was the one used by the kings.

Buildings one reads about,

and then we were there! At the base of the Eiffel Tower!

Then past the last of the islands: it was a bit rocky……

This was home to the famous Notre Dame, so large it was impossible to see all:

until well past, that was!

Out of the narrow section of water,

and there it was.

No words can suitably describe the feeling that rushed through one at the awe – inspiring sight of the towering Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame from the water. The perfect end to a long day.

At entrance to the marina, one has need to radio in, requesting entry. A busy day, it was a bit of a wait just off of the police headquarters.

In the lock at last, the waters lowered and into the marina motored Gratis.

Now our time in Paris could truly commence.