First off, a dinghy ride into shore. Homes were well hidden amongst the greens.

A walk upon Oneroa Beach.

People were making good use of their time during COVID lockdown.

I love the patterns found in the sand.

There was our beautiful girl!

Could the Bay of Islands get any better?




1.5nm west of Oneroa was the pristine bay of Paroa.

Yes, it did!

Vibrant greens were almost blinding.

Sprawling homes – or should we say mansions dotted the hillsides at regular intervals.

Miniature beaches covered in sands of varying shades of brown. This was another of those Hobbiton scenes, idyllic was the word!!!!!

A dinghy ride took us around the outer rim, leading us further and further in to this seemingly never ending bay. Arriving at the innermost point, the waters continued to lead us leftwards. Waters still deep, it was another spot in which to anchor our beautiful girl.

To the left, a hillside with grasses short cropped and vividly green, two geese stood ominously on guard. Safely hidden from view was a good – sized oyster farm – or were they mussels?

And, some more admiring of our girl.