This was the yummy creation I made over the weekend. It was enough for 20 people. Very rich and filling, so could have easily halved the serves per person.

Invented by the chef, Adriano, I found the Pavlington in the January 2014 copy of ‘Taste’.

It took me about 7 hours over a period of 3 days to make, but was truly worth the effort to do.

To reduce the cost, I used:

pineapple juice rather than passionfruit

mixed canned berries which I drained instead of raspberries

Made my own creme fraiche: will put the recipe up later

Used jam setter rather than citrus pectin. Once again this can be made from scratch      to keep the cost down. I will be doing some experimentation a bit later.

Make it wheat free by using corn glucose, White Wings corn corn flour, and wheat free plain flour (I use Vitarium which can be purchased on line at:

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