Upon preparing to set up the van on our return, we found the batteries to be rather flat. Recharging them, we hoped it would be enough to do the trick.

With the intention of staying in parks not offering 240 volt power, Bob turned the mains off overnight so as to check how well the batteries would survive on the 12 volt system. Sadly, it wasn’t good news when he checked them this morning.

On to the phone went Bob, searching for a business with three lead batteries that, when placed, could be laid on their sides. This was easier said than done, he discovered, as most businesses preferred to order them on demand rather than hold them in stock.

An hour or so after starting, he was at last successful. Down to the Gold Coast we motored to make our purchase.

Back at the van, some juggling was required since the new purchase were slightly larger. It was a hot and bothered Bob who attained success at last.

Instead of departing for Andrew Drynan Park, which is situated at Running Creek, we made the decision to hold off until tomorrow.